Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Mike

This is an difficult post to write. Outfitter, Mike Meyer died last

We have taken so many calls, that this seemed the best way to notify
many, quickly about funeral services. Mike's family's visitation will
be Wednesday, December 9, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Griffin, Leggett,
Healey & Roth, 5800 West 12th Street in Little Rock, with services
immediately following.

There isn't an online guestbook set up yet. It should be up and
running soon:

We are keeping a book in the store. If you have something you'd like
to write, regarding your memories of Mike in the store, please feel
free to come by and leave a note.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. Mike meant a lot to
ART Outfitters, and all of his co-workers. Our store family will
never be the same without him.

Thanks again,
Kerry and crew


Jennifer Stephens said...

Hello Kerry,
My heart goes out to you all and Mike's family. I only just saw this news when becoming a fan of "ART Outfitters" on FB. What a painful Christmas it must have been. We miss our loved ones so much esp. during the holidays. I remember when Todd passed away and I called you guys to see if we could return some un-used inventory (which we didn't end up doing b/c it was too special) as we were trying to get our heads together and figure out what to do. Mike was the one who answered the phone. He was so very sweet and compassionate with kind words to say about my brother. He said "whatever we can do to help, you just let us know. Todd meant a lot to us here. He was a good guy." Wow, over a year later and that just made me cry.
Anyway, thanks for keeping the heart in your business and the service so personal. It really means a lot. Hope 2010 brings healing and the kind of joy that is deepened and broadened by the knowledge that every moment is a precious gift.

John J said...

Really nice blog. I am also into fine art field and loved your blog.


John Cleary
[Kerry Fine Art]

Kerry said...

Thank you, Jennifer. Both of our missed, gentle souls are still loved and appreciated here. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. The blog has taken a low priority in our trying to make up for the loss in expertise our Mike provided. I'm so sorry that you probably know what that's like. Thank you again. We miss them both so much.